Love and Fools

Love is about grand gestures. Love is about airplanes pulling banners over stadiums, proposals on jumbo-trons, giant words in sky writing. Love is about going that extra mile even if it hurts, letting it all hang out there. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't even know was there.
Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools. It'll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can't ever shake.

- Little Manhattan
(Twentieth Century Fox, 2005) -
So, are YOU a fool??

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  1. Vini Holmboe25 Juni 2009 08.52

    Lain kali kalo mau bikin foto kaki,di wax dulu,ya!! Dasar.

  2. wleeekkss...
    siaaaaLLL!!!itu foto tangan bukan foto kaki!!